Sunday, September 7, 2014

Insanity: Results and Impressions

I DID IT!!!!!!


I almost can't believe it. There were many times that I wanted to give up, plenty of times that I just didn't feel like doing it & about 10 million times during the workouts that I thought "go ahead and stop, no one is looking, no one would notice if you take a break..."

But I didn't. Oh don't get me wrong I did take MANY breaks but I did it because I was literally about to pass out. I never gave up, I pushed right on through; and now looking back on the other side I can safely say that it was all worth it. 

Ok ok on to the pictures.

Day 1 Front
Day 1 Back


Now I didn't think of myself as out of shape by any means when this picture was taken. I had just finished running my 4th 1/2 marathon and I was back down to my pre pregnancy weight. I started the insanity journey with the goal of gaining muscle mass; a way of transitioning myself from fit to SUPER FIT. 

The first week was the hardest. Transitioning my body into taking the beating these workouts dole out was no easy task. For the first 8-10 workouts my favorite part of the experience was when I would literally collapse into the shower at the end of it. I was sore and beat up; but I was also extremely motivated. 

In short: harder workouts = faster results (DUH)

Day 30 Front
Day 30 Back

DAY 30 (halfway)

By the time I reached my halfway point I was really starting to feel results. I had actual deltoids!? (see em? I KNOW I KNOW RIGHT?) I hit a few hard spots but to be honest as I said goodbye to the first set of DVDs and made my way to the second set I felt pretty excited about it

Until I actually started the workouts.

I couldn't believe that the max workouts could be so much HARDER than month 1!? Month one was almost impossible!!!!!!! It was so hard to keep going but Shaun T (the creator and leader of each workout) is so motivating and positive I stayed in the game and was able to DIG DEEP!

Day 60 Front
Day 60 Back

DAY 60

Words can not express how proud I was on this day when I finally finished the workouts!!!! I am so happy with my results! I have ABS!?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!??! I can also bang out 20 push-ups (*ahem* real push-ups) without breaking a sweat. When I first started insanity I could barely do 4. 

I would HIGHLY recommend INSANITY for anyone who is up for a challenge and wants to do from fit to SUPER FIT. I wouldn't say it's for everyone; because I don't think you should start with this if you haven't exercised in a while.

Day 1
Day 60

To be honest part of me was a little sad that I won't be seeing Shaun T in my living room every day. He had become such a integral part of my daily routine that I'm not quite sure what I am going to do now....

Challenge Accepted........

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