Monday, October 27, 2008

No work!

So I got the day off. I spent most of it embossing the response cards.....74 and counting. I did get the grocery shopping done and my meals planned for the week.

It was nice to have a random day off today to get stuff done. I'm going to try and get to bed earlier tonight (like before 1am) so I can get a workout in before work tomorrow.

No work??

So work just called and told me I might not have to come in today because the patient census is low. So now I have to hang around the house for 4 hours and if they call, I have to go in

but if not.....yay unexpected night off!!

So obviously I am going to probably end up at staples to get my invitations cut

I have been busy embossing the Reception Cards today....24 and counting....

a snapshot.....

I'll post later to let you know what happens with work, keep your fingers crossed!

Invitations!!!! ARG

So I have been hard at work (for what feels like forever) at the invitations for my wedding in January. I am hoping to have the insert cards done and printed this week. We'll see what happens...

I wanted to post pics of what I have done so far....(again thanks for the amazing instructions Heather!)

This is the completed pocketfold. Instructions can be found at

Inside of the pocketfold. I have 111 completed but I think I might need more, so of course I need more paper. :-)

These are the belly bands. These took me most of the week. I have 120 completed.

This is my first draft of the invitations. Notice my fixed spelling error :-D. I need to finalize the time before I print them out and take them to staples to get cut. Our names were blacked out for privacy.

These are really similar to Heather's Aqua Invites, but I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them on her blog. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? :-)

Like I said. The project for this week is to finish the

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Table Luminaire Instructions

So one of the reasons why I decided to move over to blogger is because I needed more space for DIY instructions for some of the wedding projects i'm doing. I got most of (well all) the inspiration for my invitations and these table numbers from Heather. Check out her wedding blog @ She is AMAZING!!!!!

I started blogging back in April when I got engaged at I had a lot of fun talking with the other brides on the site, but the formatting and layout of the posts were not really enough for trading DIY instructions with pictures. So now, here I am! Plus this will be better to keep up after we're married.

So here are the instruction and materials you will need to make the table luminaires
-Supply List-
1) Glass Cylindars ~ Purchased from
2) Vellum Paper ~ Michales
3) 1/4 " Lavendar Ribbon ~ Michaels
4) 1/8" Black Ribbon ~ Michaels
5) Super Tacky Tape ~ Michaels
I printed the table numbers using microsoft publisher and my home printer. I used ambiance BT swash (thanks again Heather!)

This is the cylindar plain. I washed them first before anything to get some of the cardboard dust off.
This is the vellum with one side taped to the glass. I layed the cylindar on the table to make wrapping it evenly a little easier.

This is a shot of the back of the vase. For a few I needed to cut a small strip of vellum to add to the back of the vase. The red is the tacky tape for the lavendar ribbon

Cylindar with lavendar ribbon and smaller tape for the black ribbon

Wrapping the black ribbon....

AND TADA! Their DONE!!!!!

All lit up!!!

Twilight Series

So I am currently reading the third book in the Eclipse series. I know...I know I had to jump on that bandwagon but it is a really good series if you are in the mood for fantasy and romance...(and if you like vampires!)

I've been thinking

Hello World Wide Web, It's me, Sara.....

My name is Sara. 4 months ago I graduated from college and left my family and the only home i've ever known to move clear across the country to live with my fiance, Kyle. I am a new nurse, two months into my first job in medsurge nursing at a small community hospital. He is a new Ensign in the Navy. We are both 3,000 miles from home, and I am trying to plan a wedding which is now exactly 3 months away.

I wanted a place to voice my thoughts, sometimes I find it hard to talk to people, but very easy to write. I am hoping this will be a good outlet for me.

This is my life. I'm getting married in 91 days. I miss my Rhode Island and my friends, I miss college.

I am a new RN

I am a future Navy Wife

I am freaking out.....

So strap in world wide web, it should be a fun ride!