Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introduction to Rouxbe

Hey all!

Some of you may remember me from my previous blog (of the same name) that I kept pretty well up until last year. Over the last 8-9 months I have done some real soul searching and after thinking of different layouts, designs and themes I settled on providing some more focus on the blog subject matter. I have realized over the last few years that I respond well to schedules and lists. So I have decided ::bum bum bum!:: to start up again. 

I have decided to use this site to chronicle my experiences through the Rouxbe cooking school, which I joined last month. 

 I have become quite savvy in the kitchen since I got married and sometime last fall I finally figured out that I had kind of hit a plateau; there was nothing that really sparked my creativity anymore. I reached the place where most recipes I could master without really challenging myself, I can follow directions as well as the next gal after all. I wanted to learn to cook without using a recipe. So when, throughout my online travels, I discovered the Rouxbe online cooking school and I was immediately drawn in. I saved up my pennies for a few months and finally had enough for the year long membership a few weeks ago.

Check out their intro video

So I am going to try and post at least once a week to update you on the progress of my journey through cooking school and **eventually** ::fingers crossed:: graduating from recipes and unleashing true magic in the kitchen

See you in the Kitchen,

Little Rhody Girl