Saturday, February 26, 2011

All things Photography! Now Appearing Tuesdays & Fridays Right Here…

I first picked up my canon DSLR camera two years ago and I have been in love ever since! I have been busy ever since going to photo shoots, reading stacks of photography books and taking my camera everywhere I go. Over the last few weeks and as we enter into March I have decided to share my journey with you guys!

I have decided to dedicate two weekly posts to all things Photography.

1) Tutorial Tuesday – each Tuesday will be a mini-lesson on something photographic. Topics will include basic photographic principles & techniques. I have always been a believer of the saying “You don’t really know something until you can teach it to someone else.”

2) Photog Friday – This weekly post will be a lot more abstract (and a lot more fun for me!) This will be a different thing ever week. Gear reviews, photo challenges and image breakdowns are just a few ideas I have in my mind.

So I hope you guys will join me on this road. Hopefully I can teach you guys a few things, and we can all learn something new together!

Until Next Time!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I have been MIA

Don't worry I'm not back to my old habits of never ever (ever ever) posting

I have been hard at work thinking about a new blog layout and plan

I have been pre-organizing posts

and The Design Girl has been hard at work at my layout re-design

It. will. be...awesome

If you are just getting into DSRL photography, it will be even awesome-r

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Friday Rundown

Week 3: Feb 5th-11th

1/2 Marathon Training Kickoff: March 13th 2011  (30 days to go!)

Run 1 - Saturday
           Mission Trails
           3.01 miles

Run 2 - Sunday
           Home Course
           2 miles

Run 3 - Monday
           Home Course
           3.6 miles

Tuesday - OFF

Wednsday - OFF

Run 4 - Thursday
           Hills (ewww)
           2 miles

Friday - OFF

I need to start running on work days (which will involve getting up at 4:45am YUCK), hard I know but I need to start doing it now so when I HAVE to do it for my training it's not completely awful/I don't do it.

Week High: currently reading: Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners very cool book, runners (and anybody interested in how our bodies actually "use" food) should check it out!Week Low: Thursdays run, hills totally SUCK!          

Monday, February 7, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Crash Course

So today was *gulp* my interview with the Wedding Photographer. It actually went REALLY WELL! He is interested in getting another part time editor on his staff and when I went in to talk to him he was pretty impressed I think. He has a little editing studio and consultation area with a coffee table heavy with absolutely GORGEOUS wedding albums. There are huge pulled canvas' of simply breath-taking images are all over the wall; I serisously felt like a kid in a candy store! When I told him that I was pretty much a total beginner who was looking to do ANYTHING (and I mean whatever) to get some more exposure (haha I kill myself and NO I didn't say that, sheesh what do you guys think of me anyway?) to photography and to have the opportunity to work under a professional he was pretty positive about it. He asked what my experience with Lightroom is and even though I do own it I'm pretty sure I know only about 10% of what the program can actually do. I told him I knew the program "fairly well" and that I am a quick study and am able to learn quickly. He then promptly said "alright well let's see what you can do!"

Um YIKES! didn't know there was going to be a test (or I would have studied!) We went over to his computer and he chose some images from an engagement shoot and let me take the mouse, go ahead and edit them. Now after my heart started beating again I just tweaked the images, a little more exposure here and a little less color temp there. It really wasn't as terrifying as I am making it out to be. He was helpful and prompted me and best of all he was full of positive feedback for me! He told me that I have a good "beginner's eye" and that I have some solid potential. He's going to train me once Wedding season starts in April and I'll work for him part time as an editor about 10-12 hours a week.

Oh and it's paid btw, more $$ to put toward more glass!!!!!!!

Now I gotta bury my head in my Lightroom books! I have 2 months to pratice!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today was the Superbowl (YAY Green Bay!) I'm not really a greenbay fan but since my best friend here is a die hard browns fan I had to hate the steelers by association. I really enjoyed the game, both teams played well and the commercials were pretty good. The black eyed peas were entertaining (didn't you guys LOVE the dancing light-up people with boxes on their heads?) and Green Bay won! We had a nice little get together at a friends house and it was nice to watch the game on west coast time so afterward we actually could do other things with our night (like blog?)

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a local San Diego Wedding Photographer. He responded to my letter I had written about some possible work experience and he has a position available for a part time editor. I am really excited/nervous about this opportunity. I really need some help with post production and this will allow me to learn lightroom from a professional Wedding Photographer! I hope the meeting goes well and that I get the job!

Wish me luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Rundown

Week 2: Jan 30th-Feb 5th

1/2 Marathon Training Kick-off: March 13th 2011 (37 days to go!)

Run 1 - Monday
            Local Running Park
            3.05 miles

Run 2 - Tuesday
             Home course
             3 miles

Run 3 - Wednesday
             Gym Run (1st treadmill run!)
             3.1 miles
Work Thursday/Friday

I'm on call tomorrow so hopefully they won't call me so I can get another run in Saturday as well as sunday. Looks like I have to run 3 miles each day to get back to my 15 miles I did last week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 52: Week 5 - Muse

I have been meaning to start Project 52 for a few weeks now and finally I have the time (and the motivation) to finally get off my duff and behind the lens again. This Project 52 is through one of my favorite photography websites MCP Actions. They specialize in Actions for photshop which are specific presets designed by the company that help take your photographs to the next level. I don't have full photoshop yet. I think that might be on the christmas list for next year ;-)

The theme for week 5 is "Muse" I wanted to photograph something that inspires me. So here we go.

Project 52: Week 5-Muse

I have always been inspired by books and by reading. When I got my Kindle last November I was really excited to have a literal libaray at my fingertips whenever I wanted it. I also am incredibly inspired by the other two guys in the image, my husband and one of my cats. My husband always encourages me to follow my dreams and take risks. My cat alex recently had to undergo surgery (see his cone head) and has been doing really well even though I can tell he's in pain. Looking into his little cone face makes me feel like I can do anything, becuase in his mind, I can do no wrong!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Layout in the works!


So after a few half-baked attempts at blog design I have decided to pay for the professionals to come in and give my blog a make-over. It's part of my 101 in 1001 and I figure, why not now? Now sounds good to me!

Some points from the day, I finally finished a knitting project I had been striving to complete for the last two weeks and now I can start on my next project. I am using these very vague terms because both items in question are gifts for people whom I pretty sure read this blog, so hush hush about it. I'll let you guys know as soon as they get them.

I went over to finally visit one of my good friends from work who has a little 2 week old son at home. Mom and baby are doing fine and her husband is just beside himself with pride and happiness. I meant to take a pic when I was there so you can see his cuteness in person, but I forgot, epic fail. It seems that every time I see a baby my maternal clock chimes a little louder (right now it's about a 1.5 on a 10 scale haha). I can't wait to be pregnant and have a little baby in my arms, but I just want to have some time to just be a wife before that happens!

I got a call back from one of the Wedding Photographers I wrote to about freelane work. He is interested in having me work for him as a part-time editor! I am so excited about the chance to really learn lightroom from a professional photographer. I am going into his studio to meet with him next week!

All-in-all a very productive day. All that and a 2 mile run to boot. YAY!

Have a great Wednesday everybody!