Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend ahead/updates

I have a full weekend of work ahead, but tonight I'm home, relaxing on the couch with my laptop and Gilmore Girls on DVD. A glass of wine by my side and a cat on my lap...quite the relaxing night.

I know that taking the month of June off of blogging left you with a lot of questions......(well probably not but I still need to keep up pretenses for my own selfish reasons)

Things that happened in June

  • I RAN (AND FINISHED) THE 1/2 MARATHON!!! 2:26:35 BABY!!!!!!!!!
My little brother and I just after I crossed the finish line!!!
  •  My brother came for a week (for the race) and we had a really fun time together, I can't wait to see him again when I go home next week!!
  • I got TNCC certified for work (Trauma Nursing Core Course), just another thing to add to the 'ol resume
  • I decided **another for work** that I'm going to stay in the ER until we leave San Diego next year then I'll apply for Labor and Delivery positions wherever we move to. 
  • I have become a "Krazy Coupon Lady" (more to follow)
  • I have been kinda "baby crazy" lately. I think it mostly due to loneliness with Kyle being gone but lately I have been finding myself surfing the internet for jogging strollers to help me lose the baby fat that I don't even have yet (I'm not insane....right?) 
  • We have decided on Italy, France and Germany for our Europe trip next year!!!!!!!!!!

Please remember me while I work in the ER all weekend, hopefully I can get flexed on the 4th so I have some time to get some BBQing in that day!!

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