Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Road to the Half Marathon Episode II - Kick off!

Today was my first run for my training program for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon which is only a few months away now! It's going to be a even better experience this time around because since this is my second race I kind of have a good idea of how my body responds to training. Even better still I know I can freaking do it! haha.

My last 13.1 I ran in 2:26:41 and it is currently my personal (and only) record lol. My goal this time around is to run it in 2:20:00. Which would require running a sub 10 minute mile for most of the race (eek!) So what I CAN DO IT!!!!

My first run was today, 3 miles. I have been trying to keep up with running at least a few times a week for the last few months to keep my legs limber so 3 miles wasn't going to be that big of a deal. Even so I really wanted to have a little challenge for my first run, to make it a little more special. I have been working on improving my pace using PodRunner (such an important asset to my running, post to follow) and utilizing their interval training mixes to improve my speed so I was wondering if I could run my entire three miles at 170 BPM which was my latest speed drill from the week before. Of course last week I only ran at 170 BPM for 8 minute intervals twice.

Guess what! I DID IT!

3 miles @ 170 BPM = 28:30 run! which (you guessed it) is a SUB 10 MINUTE MILE FOR THREE MILES!!! WOOOOOOOO

I have my nutrition plan in place, my training plan in Google calendar, and a fresh set of sneakers.

BRING     IT     ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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