Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nathan: 6 Months

To my little man,


You are 6 months old today!!!!!!!!!

You are half a year old! So much has changed since you first came into our lives back in August and we CAN'T IMAGINE life without you anymore!


Your bedtime routine is now wonderfully predictable and putting you to bed at night in your own room is now pretty much effortless. After a bath and a story you nurse for a few minutes and are basically asleep by the time we put you in your crib. You are averaging three naps during the day and are always ready to play when you wake up!


Mommy packed up your newborn and 3-6 month clothes already because you are already way to big for all of them! You have graduated from physical therapy and your neck issues have been completely resolved! You are rolling and rolling all over the place and are so CLOSE to sitting up all by yourself. You have also starting babbling a lot and like to say "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA." (I don't think it counts as mama but its still really cute when you do it.)


Your eyes are still blue and the doctor is confident that they will stay that way which I am thrilled about! I remember dreaming about a baby with brown hair and blue eyes like your daddy and now here you are!


You continue to astound us with your loving personality and easy going nature; how lucky we are to be your parents!

With love to the moon and back my sweet baby,

Mommy & Dadddy

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