Monday, November 22, 2010

Run Sara Run!

It's not only the blogging that has been suffering, I have also been neglecting my running - for over two months. I know, it's awful.

I did start again though! I ran 4 times last week; two times outdoors (one with a friend, I love running with a partner!) then it started raining so the next two I had to run inside on the treadmill. Now those of you who don't live in San Diego please don't hate me for having the ability to run outside in shorts in late November (I know it's CRAZY and makes me New England head hurt too). The two days of rain were the first rainy days I have seen here in months! (again don't hate..) I was glad I had the motivation to brave getting soaked to head to the gym, there were several (hundred) times where I didn't want to even bother because I wanted to curl up on my couch and watch TV instead of brave the rain to run.

I did hear somewhere that when you don't run for a week, you lose two weeks of training and I suppose that does ring true to an extent. In late August when I was running 3-4 days every week I could warm up then run 4 miles no problem. Last week when I went on my long run I barely made 3 and that was after stopping a bunch of times to walk. At least I know I'm not worse off then when I started, but it is hard (esp for a hard headed Italian like myself) to cope with not being able to perform as well as I KNOW I can. I guess it's back to training.

I decided I'm making the commitment to run the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in June. In February my husband is going to run a 5k with me, then maybe I'll try a 10k if I can before I finally run the 1/2.

Wish me luck!

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