Friday, December 17, 2010

All moved in..

So I went out to lunch with a dear friend today that I don't often see and during the meal she told me "Hey you never post on your blog anymore! I have no idea what's going on with you while I'm trying to stalk you online!" It made me smile and warm my heart. So even if it's just the two of us who actually read this, it's better than nothing. So Kendall, this one is for you!

We are all moved into the new Apartment. After a few setbacks and one LONG day of moving and cleaning, moving and cleaning some more we are finally settled into the new place. Kyle was wonderful and did more than his fair share of unpacking (he actually did MOST of the unpacking while I was at work!) We got a new bed and a new bedroom set delivered the day after move in, and after the holiday season we are planning on getting more seating for the living room and possibly a new dinning room table! I have been meaning to take pictures and post them but the hustle and bustle of the holidays has been all consuming (isn't it though?)

Kyle's hail and farewell was this past Tuesday and it was wonderful. It is a tradition for wardrooms to have a celebration to "hail" the new Officers and "farewell" to the ones who are leaving. This time around Kyle was the Officer who was leaving his ship (he's being transferred to another ship next month but it is still home-ported in San Diego so no PCS move for us this time YES!) We had the event at a local bar (I was the DD of course since no drinking for me because of the INH ugh) but I still had a great time socializing. It was a really nice little event and it was really wonderful to hear all the other officers say such positive things about my husband. It really made my heart swell with pride!

After the ceremony we had a White Elephant gift exchange (always FUN!) then we stayed around to Eat and (for Kyle) continue drinking. His boss came over to say goodnight and told Kyle "hey, so, don't worry about coming in tomorrow, take the day off and we'll see you Friday." His mouth almost hit the floor. Nothing could be more awesome than getting the day off at the last minute. It's the adult equivalent of a snow day! I had the day off too so we immediately started scheming on what we were going to do to take advantage of this new development.

During our planning one of our buddies jokingly shouted out "hey! why not Disneyland?"

We stopped, looked at each other.

I said, "hey? you wanna?"

"why not!?"

Best Day off EVER!!!!!  

Will this spoil the fact that we are going to Disney World in just a few short weeks? HECK NO!!!!

At least when I am slaving away in my over crowded ER this weekend I can rest on the fact that without this job, I would never EVER be able to afford to go to Disney on a last minute whim.

Gotta love spontaneity!

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  1. So fun!!! Glad you guys got to have a spontaneous get-away for the day. Those are so special.