Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Putting things in Perspective

My laptop died last week. My lovely 6 year old iBookG4 who saw me through nursing school, the computer that I FIRST friended someone I was already friends with on, my first Apple. My computer, my buddy; rest in peace dear friend.

In truth only the monitor crapped out (the computer actually turns on but the screen is completely blank) so today I made an appointment at the Apple store to see if they could recover anything from my hard drive. I have been saving for the last year or so for a new one since I knew that my laptop was on it's last legs and I figured I could talk to the apple reps about the MacBook Pro's while I was there.

So I got into my car, backed out of my new parking spot in the garage, and BAM! right into one of the support poles and off flies my rear view mirror!

 I felt my spleen leap right into my throat. I pulled back into my spot and after much cursing and colorful language I cancelled my appointment with Apple and drove to the Toyota dealership to assess the damages. Turns out the mirror is $250 but the two tenie tiny holes in the bottom of the car door is going to cost a small fortune to repair. The can easily repair the holes but then they have to paint. Of course to paint the door they have to blend into the front panel which involves taking apart such and such part and so on... Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me the "small fortune" is almost exactly the amount of the savings I had for that computer.

I of course was so disappointed in myself for the whole thing. I was really worried about how Kyle would react. I was CONVINCED that he would completely freak out. To my surprise he was pretty ok with it. He was wonderfully supportive and kind. "Yeah we'll get it fixed; but you're not getting your computer next month like we planned!" 

I guess this accident, although annoying and embarrassing; really put things in perspective for me. It really made me think about all of the wonderful things in my life. My patient and loving husband. My job which affords me the ability to have liquid cash enough to pay for these repairs. I work everyday with people who can't afford $4 dollar generic prescriptions; who literally have nothing except the clothes on their back. I really am incredibly lucky and blessed.

So the car is going into the shop in two weeks while we are in Orlando. In the meantime I'm going to duct-tape the driver side mirror to my 2009 Corolla...classy!

I guess my MacBook Pro will have to wait, but i'll get it someday!


  1. Whoops!!! Glad you guys have the funds to take care of your car. I know what a bummer car expenses are--yuck. Way more fun to spend that money on a new toy :)

  2. I know the feeling. I was saving up during the deployment. We had plans to pay this, go here, do that... Then just a few months before the hubby came home, I was backing out of the garage and clipped the door frame with my mirror. In all fairness, it's because I was eye the blind corner we live on so carefully to prevent getting hit. But that little mirror cost a ton of money to fix due to the electrical wiring in it. It was exactly the amount we had saved up.

    But you, it's great that you had the money. It's great that you got something valuable out of it. And, there is always going to be the chance to by the Macbook Pro another time...

    PS. I'm super jealous that you have your eye on the Pro. I really want one of those, but my Mac is still running like a champ, so I can't justify getting one. :)