Sunday, December 9, 2012

First day in Monterey, or, everything leading up to it

So we made it through the first half of our first PCS! (for those of you non navy folk PCS is military speak for "Permanent Change of Station.") Our packers came first thing Thursday morning and immediately went to work. They were amazing! I have never done a professional move in my life (up until now it's all been u-pack-it-yerself and a u-haul) and I was so impressed with their ability to pack so fast and so efficiently! My friend Alex, who is a vet of a few Navy moves, was gracious enough to come and be with me and do some hand-holding during the morning. Her presence made me feel so much more at ease!

Living Room Friday Morning
Living Room Thursday

 Pretty Freaking efficient huh?

Anyway the packers were pretty much going non stop until late that afternoon and by the time they were done most of my worldly possessions were either labeled, stocked, stacked or otherwise organized and packed. Kyle and I had already made plans to attend his ship's Christmas party that night at the Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park. Kyle actually won a nights stay at a hotel after the party at a really swanky hotel downtown, so the original plan was to check in to the hotel early so I had time to change and shower there before the party. Unfortunately the packing ran late so I wasn't able to get down to the hotel until 10 minutes to 6. (Let me tell you that the cocktail hour for this shin-dig started at 6 yikes!) 

Let me tell you that I got showered, dressed, made up, hair done in 20 min!!!!

We went to the party and had a great time. I actually got to meet and chit chat with another navy couple who are Monterey bound in a few months! It does put the pressure on me to find all the new place essentials (grocery store, good restaurants, decent dive bar, good OB-GYN etc.) but I am glad that I will at least know someone from my previous life in San Diego.

So Friday the movers came and loaded the truck and were pretty much done by noon. That left the remainder of the day to clean the apartment then we were on the road first thing Saturday morning. 10 hours later we were in Monterey Bay, exhausted but happy to be done.

I still can't believe we are really here! Watch for some pics from our trip up the Pacific Coast Highway!

Until next time ---> I'll be in the practice room!

Little Rhody Girl

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