Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Townhouse: preliminary tour

      So the moment we (at least I) have been waiting for; the first tour of our new Townhouse!  

1) Entryway


So this is the view of the backside of the front door, the stairs to the second level are immediately to your left as you walk in. On the right there is a very large coat closet.

2) Dining/Living Room

This is a shot of the dining area looking into the living room (I am standing in the kitchen taking the picture) I like the large dining space and all the windows, I'm definitely going to get some curtains!

Alternate view of the living room from the sitting area. If you look in the previous picture there is a splash of light coming in from the left side. There is a smaller alcove area, large enough to fit about two chairs. I'm thinking about getting some chairs for that area and making a reading or game area there; but more on that later...

3) Kitchen and Laundry Room

The Kitchen, while not the size I would like, is still larger and has more counter space then the one I had in my old apartment, I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with it once everything is unpacked! The Laundry Room is pretty much empty now, the new LG washer and dryer come Thursday! I'm also planning on installing shelving over the units on the wall.

4) Stairway and Storage Closet #1

Pretty much self explanatory. That storage closet is to your immediate right as you get up the stairs

5) Guest Bath and Storage Closet #2

Another self explanatory one. That storage closet is between bedrooms 2 & 3. I LOVE ALL THIS STORAGE!!!!!!!

6) Guest Bedrooms

Guest Bedrooms 1 & 2 are pretty much identical, with the only difference being that one has a bigger closet. The plan is for one to be Kyle's office and the other to be a guest bedroom/my music & practice space.

7) Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom


The master closet is inside the bathroom which is kinda cool. That means that whoever gets up early can shower, change and get ready without ever going back into the bedroom :-) (good for me when Kyle gets up early)

This is the view from the bedroom window! That there is Monterey Bay! Nice view eh?

So that's the place, the movers come tomorrow with our stuff so look out for some before and after pictures!

Hope you liked our home tour! Be sure to come back and visit soon!

Until Next time ---> I'll be unpacking boxes!

-Little Rhody Girl

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