Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After the Hoilday Haze...

Well, we did it. We are officially moved in. I mean boxes unpacked, clothes hanging up, pictures on the wall moved in. The boxes are even gone! I can't believe how fast we were able to get all that done! Considering this is my first PCS I guess I was used to the DIY moves where boxes and random things are still left over months afterward. My husband was like an unpacking machine! I have never seen such efficient unpacking in my life!

I was able to get things somewhat organized in my closet which is nice. (I'm weird in the fact that I love parts of being type-A uber organized person but try as I might I can never quite BE that person!)

I'll start with the before and after pictures tomorrow so you can see what the place looks like now that there is a couch and a table etc. We also bought a new couch and a new dining room table but we are still waiting on those to be delivered.

I'm sure you're wondering if we even bothered with Christmas and I can say yes we certainly did! I went out the Thursday before Christmas to get our tree. Got a nice 6 1/2 footer for 20 bucks! Quite the Bah-gian as my New England cohorts would say.

Well until tomorrow! I'm sure you can't wait to see those pictures huh? I know it's so exciting you can hardly contain yourself (but you're just going to have to!)

-Little Rhody Girl

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