Saturday, October 25, 2008

Table Luminaire Instructions

So one of the reasons why I decided to move over to blogger is because I needed more space for DIY instructions for some of the wedding projects i'm doing. I got most of (well all) the inspiration for my invitations and these table numbers from Heather. Check out her wedding blog @ She is AMAZING!!!!!

I started blogging back in April when I got engaged at I had a lot of fun talking with the other brides on the site, but the formatting and layout of the posts were not really enough for trading DIY instructions with pictures. So now, here I am! Plus this will be better to keep up after we're married.

So here are the instruction and materials you will need to make the table luminaires
-Supply List-
1) Glass Cylindars ~ Purchased from
2) Vellum Paper ~ Michales
3) 1/4 " Lavendar Ribbon ~ Michaels
4) 1/8" Black Ribbon ~ Michaels
5) Super Tacky Tape ~ Michaels
I printed the table numbers using microsoft publisher and my home printer. I used ambiance BT swash (thanks again Heather!)

This is the cylindar plain. I washed them first before anything to get some of the cardboard dust off.
This is the vellum with one side taped to the glass. I layed the cylindar on the table to make wrapping it evenly a little easier.

This is a shot of the back of the vase. For a few I needed to cut a small strip of vellum to add to the back of the vase. The red is the tacky tape for the lavendar ribbon

Cylindar with lavendar ribbon and smaller tape for the black ribbon

Wrapping the black ribbon....

AND TADA! Their DONE!!!!!

All lit up!!!


  1. Where do you find the "Ambiance BT swash" font?

  2. Hey there,
    Do you plan on keeping those table numbers after your wedding or is there any way I could tear you away from them? :) My wedding is the same colours and I really love your idea!