Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've been thinking

Hello World Wide Web, It's me, Sara.....

My name is Sara. 4 months ago I graduated from college and left my family and the only home i've ever known to move clear across the country to live with my fiance, Kyle. I am a new nurse, two months into my first job in medsurge nursing at a small community hospital. He is a new Ensign in the Navy. We are both 3,000 miles from home, and I am trying to plan a wedding which is now exactly 3 months away.

I wanted a place to voice my thoughts, sometimes I find it hard to talk to people, but very easy to write. I am hoping this will be a good outlet for me.

This is my life. I'm getting married in 91 days. I miss my Rhode Island and my friends, I miss college.

I am a new RN

I am a future Navy Wife

I am freaking out.....

So strap in world wide web, it should be a fun ride!

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