Monday, November 16, 2009

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Does anyone else feel sorry for Thanksgiving? It TOTALLY got skipped over this year. Christmas commericals and sales and everything else started right after Halloween. I myself have already started making gift lists, planning for cookie baking and making cards


But I do feel sorry for poor Thanksgiving, it is definately the second string holiday this year....


  1. It really is kind of the ugly stepsister to Christmas. Sad, but well...I love Christmas!!!!

  2. I've never been a big fan of Thanksgiving. I think it's mainly because of the food. My family eats turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas.. it's just too much turkey for me! Christmas has always been my favorite because of the decorations, music, and smells. I've been fighting the urge to skip Thanksgiving all together and go ahead and put my tree up! It's our tradition to wait until the day after Thanksgiving but I don't wanna wait!!

  3. yes! we started putting Christmas things out the day BEFORE Halloween!. I love Turkey Day! but apparently no one else does hehe!

    love and miss you!

  4. I have noticed over the past several years that Thanksgiving has kinda gotten the boot. Maybe it is because you can not really decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but not for Thanksgiving. The only thing now associated with Thanksgiving is the day after for all of the sales.