Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yet Another Month of No Blogging

Yuck, I hate that this lack of posting is starting to become a trend. I need to nip this in the bud soon!

Here's what's been happening the Rhody Girl House;
  • Kyle's still gone, but he passed his board exam today YEAH! and is hopefully due home this week!
  • I joined another photography group in San Diego, and I am going to try and get out to at least two events a month
  • I'm sick, again, more congestion. Thankfully the neti pot is helping.
  • I discovered that buying boots is really difficult for me! I wish that my feet were smaller/my calves were bigger, plus I have discovered a closet need for some UGG boots. (my feet are cold and I PROMISE I will never wear them with a mini skirt...silly girls you know who you are..)
  • I think **gasp** that I'm getting burnt out on TV on DVD. Since Kyle left I have gotten through 2 Seasons of Gossip Girl, 3 seasons of Nip-Tuck and 1 season of Gilmore Girls.
  • I had my yearly evaluation at work and my PPD came back positive so I'm on INH prophylaxis for Latent TB exposure. I'm not sick/contagious/feeling bad. My chest x-ray was clear so the antibiotics are just killing the microbes that are "allegedly" cowering in the corner of my lung. Oh, also I can't drink for the entire 9 months (yes I said 9 months) that I have to take this stuff......buh...
On call tomorrow.....please oh please oh please don't call me in!

Sorry I've been such a lousy blogger lately. I'm in a funk....

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