Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bump it: 13 Weeks

Hey everybody! I'm 13 weeks along!

13 Weeks
13 Weeks

I guess you can kind of see a little "micro bump" but I still don't feel like I look very different (except for the fact that my prego boobs are definitely here lol). Kyle says that I try to stick my belly out when he's taking the picture and maybe I'm doing that without realizing it. :-) I'm actually starting to get a little concerned that I haven't gained very much weight at all yet. My doctor told me that It's pretty normal to only put on a pound or two over your entire first trimester and that I'll start putting on more weight in my second trimester (which is next week holy moly!) but I still worry that the baby is getting all the nutrients it needs. All I can really do is keep on eating well, exercising and taking my prenatal every day. 

I've been feeling SO MUCH BETTER over the last week and I have had a lot more energy; however there is still the occasional day that I am completely drained in the afternoons. At my nuchal translucency ultrasound the tech predicted boy and ever since then I have been having these really vivid dreams about baby boys. I don't know if it's because of what the tech said or what but I'm starting to think pretty definitely that's its a boy; I'll actually be pretty surprised if at my 20 week US they say it's a girl! Kyle and I are starting to play around with names but we're not anywhere near coming close to choosing one yet. 

I guess because of my medical background I have already started to think about the delivery and how I want it to go. Ever since I became a RN I was planning on having a midwife for my pregnancies but since there are NO practicing midwives in my area that have hospital privileges I had to choose an OB-GYN. I'm OK with it because the OB I found is really "pro" natural deliveries and tries to lean on the "less invasive" side of things which was very important to me. I also decided that since I can't have a midwife I want to have a doula. I only know a few people that have had a doula or labor coach but I think I would feel really good having someone there who is experienced and can take some of the responsibility off of Kyle/my family. I know Kyle will be very supportive during my labor but I don't want him to be responsible for everything. So I'm going to start looking into doulas in my area and hopefully we will find one that works for us.

Until next time I remain a happy mama to be! 

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  1. YAY! soo excited for you! I didnt gain any weight during my first trimester so I think that is totally normal. You'll be glad you didn't when it starts piling on at the end ;) And I wish I would have known about doulas before. You should def. get one - I'm looking into it for next baby!