Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bump it: 19 Weeks

Hey Everyone! I'm 19 Weeks along!


I'm wearing my running technical shirt from my second half marathon, the Disneyland Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon, to show support for the people of Boston. As a New Englander I was touched in a special way by the terrible events of that week. I do know several people who live in Boston as well as a few friends who were actually participating in the race. No one I am close to was hurt but I do have friends that have loved ones who were among those injured in the bombings. 

As a runner I feel particularly sad about the fate of those severely injured. I know on some small degree the amount of time, sweat, endurance and just plain insanity it takes to train for a race; and I have never run a marathon distance, or come even close to qualifying for an elite race like Boston. It did warm my heart however, when I saw the press photos of runners who crossed the finish line and continued straight to Mass Gen to offer blood donation for the victims. The strength and endurance of the city of Boston was awe inspiring, not unlike NYC after 9/11. 

I pray for the wounded and grieving of Boston
I pray for the ER Nurses and Staff Nurses at all the Boston Hospitals who are caring for our wounded
I pray especially for the Nurses of the second bomber, that they provide that young man the highest quality of care, which is probably just close to impossible to do, have strength and faith you guys...

Anyway I'm babbling, but that's why I'm wearing the technical shirt :-)

This week has been pretty good so far pregnancy wise, although I am noticing this week that my lung capacity for playing my clarinet has significantly decreased. For some reason this can change depending on the day and even the time of day that I choose to play. If I practice in the morning I can do OK as long as I take frequent breaks, however if I play towards the afternoon or evening I get really winded after just a few minutes. Initially I was pretty frustrated by this but I have been encouraged and supported by my wonderful husband to relax and accept that my body is changing and I have to "roll with the punches." Ya, easier said than done buddy; but I'm trying...

Prenatal Yoga starts next week! Super excited!!!

Have a good week everyone

Until next time I remain a happy mama to be!!

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