Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Nursery: Adjustable Crib Skirt with Box Pleat


I am really happy with how this crib skirt came out. It was a coordinating fabric that was grouped in with the fabric I chose for the Roman Shades I sewed for his window. I liked the pattern because instead of one complete skirt it is 4 separate pieces which are secured to the spring base for the mattress with velcro. It will make it very easy to adjust when I move the mattress lower when the little man starts trying to sit up and escape.

Here is the "naked" crib


and here it is with the skirt attached...


I do think it looks soooo much nicer don't you??

I am a little regretful that I spent the extra time sewing the box pleat into the front because the crib slats totally hide it, oh well...

Check out the pattern brought to us by {adorkable}duo here! 

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