Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Nursery: Car Seat Cover


 There is a lady in my neighborhood who goes on walks past my unit several times a week with her little one and she had the cutest car cover for her car seat. When I see her walking past as I am sitting feet up on the coffee table watching Mistresses on my DVR with a bowl of cherries balanced on my ever growing belly I wonder "hmm that is so cute! I want one for my carseat! I wonder how much those cost?" Ya like 50 bucks.....WHA???????? Not only are there about 1 million things I can think of to spend 50 bucks on that don't include a glorified blanket but I knew I could sew one myself without spending oodles of $$.

I did a google search and found a fairly simple pattern for the cover and sewed it in about 4 hours over a few days. The pattern I found used a rounded corner style with frilled trim but I thought that was a little feminine so I decided to go with a mitered corner border in a lime green to match the inside of the carseat. The mitered corners were the hardest part of the whole thing so if I had skipped that I bet this project would have only taken me about 2.5 hours. I lined it on the inside with a nice fleecy fabric so it can work as a nice blanket in a pinch


I ended up purchasing the fabric online to save a few bucks and I was so happy to see that the lime green I picked matched the inside of the carseat perfectly! 

For those of you who are interested I used the pattern that was lovingly supplied by the ladies over at DIY Divas. Check it out here

I used this YouTube Video to learn how to sew the mitered corners for the border.

Now I can be strutting my stuff around the neighborhood with my nifty car seat cover when we go on walks together!

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