Sunday, May 3, 2009

I need your help

I still haven't picked a picture for my Signature Matte Frame, and I figured there is no time like the present.

But I need your help in choosing a picture! I have narrowed it down to 6! I wouldn't mind getting two so I can switch them up once in a while but 6 is too many.

Just post in the comments which ones you like!

Photobucket Pic #1. I love the sun through the trees and the way Kyle is smiling at me. Also it's a perfect picture of the dress :-D

PhotobucketPic #2 Kissing in the Woods. I will probably Crop this one if I choose it

PhotobucketPic #3. I love the snow the the background here.

Also gorgeous picture of the dress

PhotobucketPicture #4 I wanted to include Ochre Court I LOVED this stairwell!

PhotobucketPic #5 Even though the veil covers alot of my face I love the emotion on both of our faces. This one picture sums up my entire Wedding Day. Happiness.

PhotobucketLast but not least. Pic# 6. Classic Pose, Classic Bride...Classic.

So please post your vote. At the end of the week i'll make my choice!


  1. i pick either the first woods one or the kissing in the woods. those pictures are beautiful and i love them

  2. I say #3 or #5. Aaahhh I love your wedding pics! I can't wait to get mine.

  3. i like pic #4, but they are all beautiful!!!

  4. I love the one of you guys kissing and pic #4 which is the one where you guys are smiling like crazy I believe. Though they are all beautiful and it was kinda difficult to choose.

  5. either the 2nd one in the woods or the veil one in black and white where you are both smiling!