Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie Review - Angels and Demons


Friday night I went with two friends to see the new movie Angels and Demons, the latest movie adaptation of the first Robert Landgon adventure novel written by Dan Brown (the second of course being The Davinci Code but some people don't know that Angels and Demons came first.)

The story opens on the death of the latest Vatican Pope and according to tradition, after the death of the pope all of the high Cardinals get together in Vatican City to perform a ritualistic vote called Conclave, where behind lock and key they vote on who should be the next "vicar of God on earth." Tom Hanks plays symbologist Robert Langdon whose expertise in ancient European history and symbology buys him a one way ticket to the Vatican when the 4 favorites for the Pope (called preferity) mysteriously go missing right before Conclave is set to begin. A video is sent to the Swiss guard with images of the 4 missing Cardinals with a message stating that starting at 8pm one man will die each hour until midnight. Langdon quickly discovers that the reason behind this kidnapping is to settle a blood feud that is centuries old between the Catholic Church and a secret underground society of Scientists and Mathematicians called the Illuminati. The resulting discovery sends Langdon on a dangerous quest that spans all throughout Vatican City as he races against the clock to save the future of the Catholic Church & all of Rome.

This was my favorite book out of the two and the movie certainly didn't disappoint. So grab your symbology text and your pass into the Vatican Archives and go see the movie!


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