Sunday, May 17, 2009


So it's been over a WEEK since I last posted. Sorry guys! and a lot has been happening, well not TOO much but there you go.

Last week at work my manager came up to me as told me that I am going to be in charge of precepting (nursing term for training) one of the new grad nurses he just hired. He is sending me to a preceptor class at the end of the month and I guess she will start at the end of June when I get back from Rhode Island. At first when he told me this I was really excited, I love to teach and work with younger nurses, I love answering questions and finding answers for people. I definitely see myself as a Clinical professor someday. After the news sank in a little bit I started to get really nervous about it, after all I'm just a baby RN myself, what if I don't do a good job? What if she thinks I'm a big idiot because I can't answer all of her questions?? I talked to some people about my frustrations and I am feeling a little better about it but I am still nervous. I hope I do a good job!!!!
Good news I herd during this conversation is that my managers are looking to transfer me to the ER. I am hoping to go in the fall, I'll keep you posted!!!!

Also yesterday I met some of the JPJ Officer's Wives for a play-date in the park. It was a good time to spend with some other women who are going through a similar situation that I am going through. It isn't exactly the same of course (most of the other women are older and already have children) but even just the small bit of time we spend chit-chatting really helped. I was the first to arrive at the park so I spent a few minutes sitting on a bench watching children play. It was really wonderful to watch them with there families, so happy. I can't wait to be a mom someday (oh wait, yes I can wait haha!)

Hope you guys didn't think I had totally fallen off of the radar. Here's to another long week of life on the Med-Surge floor!

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  1. i totally did however you have put my fears at rest hehe... you will be fine teaching. you know your stuff! good luck and have fun!