Thursday, July 8, 2010

I even wrote them down!


      I feel like I have spent the last several months apologizing to you ladies about not being around, and the month of June proved not to be much of an improvement. I spent most of June around planes, (on them, in airports near them, driving back to airports to pick up people who were delayed on them etc..). I went across the country and back, then flew to the Midwest and back. Today was the second day off I had in the last three and a half weeks that I was actually in San Diego. In truth it's been quite an exciting (exhausting) month. So I'm going to try my absolute damnedest to back post, every SINGLE thing that has been happening to me so I can start up fresh. Anyone feel a huge weight on them when you have things on your To-Do list that aren't done? I surely do

Sorry for being a constant transient blogger

Little Rhody Girl

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