Friday, July 23, 2010

Into the weekend (or lack there-of)

I have decided to really start blogging more often to get back into the habit of it. Even if I don't have something "worth posting" I want to keep posting, I'm thinking that if the quantity of my posts increase, the actual quality of the posts will improve. Does that make sense? Anyway I digress

Unfortunately I have to work all this weekend (buh) but such is the life of a Nurse. Work today wasn't too bad so I'm hoping that today was a preview of the weekend to come (oh please oh please oh please)

Last night Kyle and I saw Despicable Me which was actually really cute. I didn't have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised, very cute!

Lately I have been diving into my photography head first and I am loving every minute of going out and shooting. Last month I went to a Local Photography group get together which was SUPER NERDY and SUPER AWESOME!!!. It was kind of like Photographers Anonymous ("Hi my name is Sara and I shoot Canon" "Hi Sara!") We talked a little about meet-ups around the city for the next month then had a presentation about color correction in Photoshop. I have already used the techniques I learned this week during my homework for my photography class. Definitely a meeting I will try and get to next month. Almost daily they stuff my inbox with different events happening around town; tonight they had a free model shoot (people model for you and you send them some proofs in exchange for their time). Definitely something I will take advantage of soon!

I have also discovered a new obsession, and it's name is iMac....

 oh my gosh...  ::dies from happiness::

I have been asking Kyle if I can get a new laptop when my ancient iBook G4 (which I am using right now by the way) finally croaks and he (of course) was fine with it. Last week I was perusing the apple website and realized that I could get this huge iMac; fully loaded mind you, for about $800 less than the macbook pro I originally was planning on getting. And so began my new fixation on the iMac.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Don't think about poor sad Sara who will be at work while you are all out having fun :*-( Ha!

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  1. Awesome! Hey, I'm a Canon girl too! Photography is so addicting and fun. I need to join a group like that too! :)