Sunday, July 25, 2010


Next weekend Kyle and I have the weekend off, both of us, at the same time. No but wait, we have the time off and we don't have any plans or meetings or house hunts to go on.

Seriously, this is freaking MONUMENTAL! We never have two days off in a row together, usually I'm working or he's on duty, something always comes up. So last night I was talking with him and I made the suggestion of a mini "staycation." When you stay near home and check out your place as a tourist. I'm thinking about heading up to La Jolla for a kayak tour.

Anybody ever do a "staycation?" Any recommendations?

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  1. We do staycations all the time. We take off 2-3 days, usually around a holiday to explore our town or try something new. I find them sometimes more fun than actually going away somewhere for a vacation. They are alot less expensive.