Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bump it: 23 Weeks & Kelly's graduation!!!

Hey Everyone! I'm 23 weeks along!

I know I know you can't even see the bump at all but this is literally the only pic I got of myself the whole week,
baby bump fail........

So this week has been pretty busy. I had my spring concert with the Monterey Peninsula College Wind Ensemble which went pretty well. I was nervous because since the group is short clarinets my teacher was hired to play for the performance; and ended up sitting right next to me! She did have a lot of nice things to say though which was very reassuring. 

I had my first experience playing in a small wind group too which was really fun! I played in a sextet (that's six musicians - in this particular instance it was a flue, oboe, contrabass clarinet, two french horns and a clarinet, played by yours truly!) We played movement II of Sextet, by Carl Reinecke. You can listen to the rough recording taken by Kyle's iphone here. Hope you enjoy!

The next day we were off to Gettysburg PA to watch my sister in law graduate from college! (when did Kyle get that OLD? I however haven't aged a day....) It was a wonderful weekend full of Fullerton family fun. We got to meet my brother in law's girlfriend for the first time too; she was really nice and fun!

Here are a few other pics from the ceremony!

The graduate and her proud brothers!

Nice looking family!

So pregnancy wise I am still anxiously awaiting some movement; I'm pretty sure I'm feeling *something* late at night but it's so hard to tell if that is the baby or if that is just me wanting it to be the baby. Ugh, I know that it's hard to differentiate when you are a first time mom but seriously little boy give your mama a good kick; she's asking for it!!!

Until next time I remain a happy mama to be!

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