Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hypnobabies Week 3

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This post is a review of my third class using the Hypnobabies at home study course for hypnosis in labor. I finished class three a while ago but haven't had a chance to blog about it yet. The theme of this week's class was "birthing choices" mostly revolving around interventions typically used in hospital birth. They lay out most of the interventions that you typically see in a hospital setting and explain the risks and benefits of each. Since this is a course which is meant for women who are seeking a natural birth it is a somewhat biased approach against the interventions. Having said that I do think the way they present the information is a little more tolerable than other "pro-natural delivery" people I have talked to or things I have read. I have come into contact with people and literature that literally try to scare women into following their advice on natural labor and advocate for women to "demand" and "refuse" and "don't trust the hospital staff." Scare tactics like that really leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Speaking as a medical professional myself I have a different perspective on hospital birth than the average person. I understand that a medical focused model is what I am going to get in a hospital. I understand the rationale for many of the things that they do and why they do it. All that being said I do still want as natural a labor as possible with as little interventions as possible. That is the best choice for me but that doesn't mean that I don't want access to advanced care should something change (which it does). When you walk in the door not wanting to work with the staff and your doctor you are setting yourself up for difficulty. To be honest these women who honestly don't want ANYTHING and are not willing to compromise shouldn't be giving birth in a hospital. You have the option of a birthing center or a home birth, both of which are viable options if you do it the right way and keep it as safe as possible. Ok i'll get off my soapbox now....

I am planning on having a written birth plan for the nurses and my OB (we have already talked about this) but I understand that birth is a dynamic and constantly changing experience and I am willing to bend and flex as need be. The readings of Class # 3 helped me start to think about how I want to word my birth plan and they stress working WITH the hospital team and that THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY (Amen!)

The hypnosis tracks were

Creating Anesthesia

I am loving the time out I take every day to listen to my tracks. It's 30 min of total relaxation and I think it's working, I'm feeling more and more relaxed each time I do it. Next week is when my "birth partner" a.k.a. Kyle will get integrated into the process. I have given him the head's up that it's coming; he seems skeptical but he knows it's important to me so he said he'll do whatever needs doing.

Good man!

I'll let you know how it's progressing in my next hypnobabies post!

for more information on hypnobabies check out their website here

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  1. This hypnobabies thing sounds like its working! I'll have to try it someday when I have babies.