Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bump it: 30 Weeks

Hey Everyone! I'm 30 weeks along!


I can't believe that I have made it to 30 weeks. In many ways the time has gone by so fast I can't believe I'm only 7 weeks away from being term with this pregnancy!! 

I have had so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind over the last week. I am a little nervous (well actually a lot terrified) about parenthood but at the same time I am so excited to meet my son and to be a mom. I find myself day dreaming about what he's going to look like and what his personality will be like.

I know many of you are anxious about what our name choice is for this baby boy and I gotta be honest with you; I am still on the fence. We have narrowed it down to two choices and I fluctuate between which one I like more by the hour. Today before dinner I was convinced that I was sold on option 1 then by the time the dishes were in the dishwasher I was thinking more about option 2. I have always been so indecisive about everything; I can't even decide what I was to eat at a restaurant! How am I supposed to choose a name for this kid???? Kyle likes both, I think we might just wait until he's born to see what he looks like. 

And no; I'm not telling what the two options are ;-) You're going to have to wait right along with me until this baby comes!

I had another doctor's appointment today and the baby's heart rate was a strong 150 BPM and the baby's head is currently facing down (right on top of my bladder...joy joy). I'm pretty sure it's too early for him to go head down and stay there but I hope he does do that when the time comes. My husband was a breech baby and even though I want this child to be just like his daddy; he can skip that part please :-)

Until next time I remain a happy mama to be!


  1. EEEEK! I wasn't even thinking of names! So excited to see what you pick out! Sometimes it is best to wait and see which name he will look like the most. You're getting so close to term too! Still so excited each week!

    1. thanks Kendall I'm so excited to meet the little guy. I hope I can have you on speed dial for breastfeeding questions!!!!!!!