Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nathan's First Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving with Nathan was really fun!


We ended up spending the holiday with Kyle's brother and his girlfriend who were up visiting from Los Angeles. Nathan enjoyed having lots of people in the house and relished the extra attention. It was really nice to have family around during the holidays as well; Kyle and I haven't had an opportunity to spend a holiday back in Rhode Island since we graduated from college back in 2008. 

Nathan and Cassandra having fun!

Nathan's first Turkey Day!!

We ended up spending the day with one of Kyle's old co-workers from San Diego Liz, who was a fellow officer on one of Kyle's previous ships. When Kyle re-signed for an additional time commitment last year Liz decided to transition out of the Navy and pursue other job opportunities. Ironically enough she ended up in the same place as us because her boyfriend (and now fiancee) was attending the same graduate school as Kyle! It was really nice to see her again! It certainly seems that the longer we are in the Navy the more likely you'll see a familiar face no matter where you go! 

It was really nice of her to invite us to spend Thanksgiving with them. The food was good and I only had to cook side dishes!!! Wooo Hooo!!

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