Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today was full of productivity and getting things done!

I have my clarinet lesson every other week now and today was the day; so naturally I felt completely unprepared and was panicking last night. I asked Kyle to watch the little guy this morning so I could get some last minute playing time in so I wouldn't have to sight read the etude I was "supposed" to be working on. Getting time to practice when it's just me and Nathan at home is next to impossible! Much to my surprise it was so easy to play for a solid hour when someone else is watching the baby! I think I'm going to try and get up earlier most weekend mornings so I can get some extended practice time while Kyle is home. During the week it's usually only in 5 minute intervals that I can actually get my butt in the chair. 

At my lesson we went over some reed strengths and my teacher showed me how to clip a clarinet reed to make it stronger. She has this crazy reed clipper that looks like a cross between a nail clipper and a medieval torture device

better not get your finger caught in there!

We are spending a few minutes at the beginning of each lesson to focus on sight reading. I have always found sight reading to be very intimidating so the more exposure I get the better in my opinion! Then on to scales and etudes/band music. 

I feel like the thing I am finding most difficult at the moment is tension in my hands. My finger speed is just O.K and I realize that the one thing that really is holding me back in that regard is I can't relax my hands. My teacher said that working on my scales, really focusing on absolute perfection (solid embouchure, lots of air, and RELAXED hands); played S-L-O-W-L-Y will help with that. Ok, got it; let's get to work!

I moved onto the next etude and I'm starting a new solo piece this cycle. This time I get three weeks to practice since we're skipping the week of Thanksgiving. 

In my mind I tell myself, "am I better now than I was at my last lesson, last rehearsal, yesterday, last practice session, 5 min ago?" Hopefully most days the answer to that question is 

Hell yeah!

I am so thankful for my music; it keeps me grounded and (I think) make me a better mother. 
Nathan does enjoy listening to me every so often!

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