Monday, April 21, 2014

Insanity Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Well It's day 2, the first REAL workout.


So today was Plyometric Cardio Circuit day. I waited until Nathan went town for his morning nap and put on my shorts, laced up my sneaks and said a little prayer. Then I pushed play...

I'm pretty sure this workout was the single hardest workout that I have ever done
I'm also pretty sure that I'm hooked! 

The workout lasted about 45 min and was full of high intensity cardio drills; I was pretty much drenched in sweat by the end of the 15 min warm up. Over the weekend I had watched a youtube vlog by a fellow nursing mother who had completed a round of insanity back in 2009 and she said that a big part of her ability to complete the workouts was that she got out of her head and went to her "happy place." I took her advice and "went to my happy place" when it got really hard. I think because of that I was really able to push myself harder than I normally push when I'm working out at home and it's just me and the DVD player. I liked Shaun T's motivational style, he got in your face but not in a overly aggressive drill sergeant kind of way which I appreciated. One of the reasons why I'm not quite sold on the CROSSFIT phenomenon like everyone else is because the CROSSFIT gym I went to on a groupon back in San Diego just had people screaming in your face all the time. I like intense workouts (obviously) but I just don't respond well to that kind of motivation. I guess I'm thankful I never joined the military!

Anyway I was able to finish the workout (barely) and only had to stop a little (a lot). There was a drill called "level 1" where you do 4 push-ups then plank runs then back to standing (burpee style) then repeat. I did all the push ups on my knees but I did do (most of) them before I completely collapsed. I had my trusty heart rate monitor on (birthday gift last year) and these are my stats:

April 21st 2014
Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Duration: 46:38
Calories Burned: 543
Average HR: 165
Max HR 193 (wow)

I was so thankful to Nathan that he slept the whole time and I was able to take a LONG hot shower afterwards. I'm not super sore yet but I am definitely more "aware" of certain muscle groups than I usually am if that makes any sense. I'm sure when I wake up tomorrow Kyle will have to carry me out of bed because I won't be able to move under my own power.

Well I'll have to rally because tomorrow is another workout.

Am I insane for doing this? Probably, but that's what makes it fun!
Stay tuned!

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