Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Insanity Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance and a Solution for Weak Wrists.

Day 3! Cardio Power & Resistance...

I am really loving these workouts so far. I know it's crazy hard and while I'm doing it I keep asking myself "WHY!?" but afterwards I really feel like I accomplished something amazing!!! I know that after each circuit I am stronger, my body is changing and it hurts so good! (and so much!)

I wish someone would have been there to take a photo of me passed out on the floor after the second circuit gasping for air. Would have made quite the motivating image!

My Numbers!

April 22nd 2014
Cardio Power & Resistance

Time: 40:21
Calories: 458
Average HR: 163
Max HR: 189

(I'm seeing really high heart rates these last two days. I'm going to clean my sensor and make sure check my HR the old fashioned way to see if it's really accurate)

There were a lot of pushups during this workout, all of which were done on my knees today and even so by the end of it my wrists were killing me. I have always had funky problems with my wrists; I have little dainty girly ones that are always sore after bearing weight like pushups or some yoga poses. I figure if I want to really get the best results possible from this program I should see if I can find a solution for this problem.

A quick google search and I found this

I found the article really interesting and I plan on trying his suggestions during tomorrow's workout if there are any pushups. Tomorrow is "Cardio Recovery." I'm not holding my breath that it will be easy just because the word "recovery" is in the title.  

"Just don't think about it. Yes it's hard, it's almost impossible! Get out of your head and just freaking go to work and amazing things will start to happen."
-That's what I keep telling myself while I'm getting my ass kicked

Bring it on tomorrow...

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