Saturday, August 7, 2010


Anybody seen this show?

 My husband and I LOVED Lost and were totally bummed when it ended. Especially because we were late jumping on the bandwagon and pretty much watched LOST and only LOST for 4 months straight and got though all 6 seasons without ever watching a show live (thank you TiVo; actually the only episode we watched live was the series finale). We went and watched the series finale at a friends house and as we were packing up to leave my husband jokingly mentioned "What are we gonna watch now that LOST is over?" My friend Suzannah immediately said, "Firefly" "um, what?"

 "you've never seen firefly!?!?!??!"

She immediately thrust the series box set into my hands and out the door we went! It took us awhile to start watching it but I must say it's a really enjoyable series. Kyle and I are about 3/4 of the way through the 14 episode series and we are really bummed that it's almost over. I guess it aired on Fox back in 2002 but it was slotted for Friday nights (the "death spot" says Suzannah's husband) and only lasted for one season before the network cancelled it. Since I have now discovered that this series has almost a cult following it's plain to see that cancelling that show was a huge mistake on the part of the network (their loss)

So if you haven't seen firefly I suggest you add it to the netflix queue. If you like the concept of Space Travel & Cowboys together with lots of witty banter thrown into the mix it's guaranteed to please!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! My husband actually said the same thing as yours-"What are we gonna watch now that LOST is over????" haha

  2. Ha Ha, I have the hugest smile on my face reading this. now you have to come over and watch the MOVIE!!! I can't lend it to you because we only own it on Blu-ray, because that is how Nathan Fillion is meant to be watched.
    Love Suzannah

  3. They also didn't air it in order, which totally ruined Joss' story (the DVD has it in order). It ended up being one of those shows that gained a huge cult following after it was canceled.

    Make sure you watch Serenity (the movie) when you're done!!!