Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michael Buble Concert

 This past weekend was very relaxing and quite enjoyable, a welcome change for both me and the hubby since we have both been incredibly busy at work lately. Friday night Kyle took me to see Michael Buble at the sports arena which was AWESOME!

Oh Michael, you don't need to fix your tie for me!

I saw him a few years ago with a friend back home when he was first starting to get really famous. This time around he was definitely more comfortable preforming. He was really engaging with the audience and very very funny! Kyle laughed when Michael poked fun at "all the husbands who were probably dragged here; no worries guys you'll have a good time, and besides that - I'm taken!" (he got engaged to his then girlfriend, Argentinean actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre *that's a mouthful* back in January).

Michael and Luisana, such a cute couple!

I had a great time, we had floor seats and were really close to the stage. While he was singing "All I do is Dream of you" he walked out into the audience and climbed into a platform no joke like 20 ft away from where I was and sang "Home." If any of you ladies are Buble fans you owe it to yourself to spend the $$ to go see him.

He knows what's up too. This sums up his stage presence in one quote; between songs he said; "You guys all paid top dollar to be here, and I want you guys to have a great time, this isn't a concert, it's a party. If you want to sing, sing out loud, if you want to dance, get up and dance. And if someone behind you gets all like sit down I'm trying to watch the concert, politely turn around and tell them to go f*ck themselves.


I also wanted to point out the opening band, Naturally 7. This acapella group (although I find the term acapella a little limiting for the awesome stuff that they do, so to they in fact.) They do "vocal play" and it's freaking incredible.

Check this out

Naturally 7 Wall of Sound

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