Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Updates

It seems that my summer has been really busy, or maybe I'm just getting more lazy and it just "feels" busier than previous summers; either way I can't freaking believe that we are over halfway though August.

Here's what's been going on.

1) We put an offer in on a house, It a gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS condo about 10 min away from where we live now. We're waiting to hear if it got approved. More on that later (I don't want to jinx anything)

2) New job change on hold. I figure that with all of the other changes happening now the last thing I want to do is change my job. I am also looking towards making myself more marketable later on in life and the ER experience is pretty much indispensable. So I will most likely be in the ER until we leave San Diego unless things really change. Whether or not its at the hospital I am currently working at remains to be seen. 

3) Workouts: I have decided after being intrigued about it for months to try the P90X workout DVD program. I told my husband about it and even though he is against "working out to the T.V." he is willing to try it with me. My birthday is next month and I want to start collecting the equipment you need (chin up bar and resistance bands) as gifts. I plan to record our progress on the blog, so stay tuned for that. I am currently using Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred and really like that so I want to keep the momentum going after that is done. Anybody have feedback about p90x?

I have had 3 days off so far this week (before you say anything know that I am working all weekend), and finally had some time to cook. I made another pot of veggie chili, roast chicken and homemade chicken soup (from the roast chix...yummm!). I got to sleep in and watch Rachel Ray with a cup of tea, my favorite thing to do on my mornings off. Now i'm having a movie night with the hubby, and the plan is in bed by 10 with my book, because 0530 comes early.

Enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend ladies!!!!


  1. Seems like you are very happy with your life..Nice to hear that..I enjoyed reading your post and it inspires me. Thanks.

  2. Hey Sara!!
    How are you? P90X works!!I had two friends do it before their weddings and they lost close to 30 pounds!! To really look like the people in those crazy videos you have to do the diet too! Jason and I have it but don't do it religiously at all but still very tough workout...good luck!! miss you

  3. I will try p90X I hope it works. Thanks for the share!

  4. Awesome Pics, thanx for sharing.

  5. Nice pictures. The baby he was holding was cute. Made me think of time I had my baby. Looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up.