Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Two: Epcot

Today we went to EPCOT and I think that my in-laws enjoyed that park best so far (I know we've only been to two but still). We started out the morning very much like the day before, small breakfast in the room, hop on the bus to the TTC, monorail to EPCOT. We spent most of the morning riding the rides around FutureWorld including Soarin', Test Track and Mission Space. Mission Space was Kyle's favorite. The ride is a simulated journey to mars complete with blastoff, hypersleep and a fast paced maneuvering out of a meteor field. The ride is suprisingly realistic, using a large centrifuge to simulate the force felt during blastoff. Each "cockpit" holds four people and everyone is given specific tasks during the ride. Buttons on the console in front of you correspond to different jobs and when prompted you push the buttons to make different things happen. I nearly forgot to deploy our shields when we were in the metior field, thanks Kyle!

After that we went over to World Showcase to walk around and eat lunch. We went to eat in Germany at the biergarden and had DELICIOUS German food. We broke up the day after the meal by heading back to the hotel for a nap. After a few hours of resting up we went back to EPCOT for the fireworks show. All in all another fantastic day at the park

My brother-in-law in front of Spaceship Earth

Favorite Ride: Mission Space. Incredibly real, when the shields are deployed on time!

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