Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WDW Lines Review

I wanted to write a little post explaining how Lines work. WDW Lines is the iphone app that allowed up to stay one step ahead of the crowds while we were in Orlando.

Please forgive the excessive use of iphone screenshots. I just learned how to do it and the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

Here is my iphone home screen,

There is the App!

Tapping the App will open this homescreen

You can see on the homescreen that the current time for Orlando is on top. Each WDW Park is listed with it's operating hours below the park name. To the right is current status of the park, open or closed.

The second panel we used a lot to plan which park we went to on which day. The application is designed by the authors of  The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World who have 10 years of research and statistical analysis of the parks under their belt. They have estimated (fairly accurately I might add) the crowd levels for each park, each day, all year. This day the estimated crowd levels are 6/10, and statistics show that the best park to tour is Epcot, and the worst parks to tour are The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Have I blown your mind yet? Wait there's more!!

Above is what happens when I tap on Epcot Park. There is a list of all the attractions in Epcot with the wait times for each one. If the attraction offers FastPass, the return time is listed. For each show, the next occuring showtime is listed with the number of shows left that day. The wait times in blue are again estimates taken from the authors, which change throughout the day as the crowd levels change. Even though these are only predicitions they were pretty spot on during our touring.  As you can see on the first screenshot the wait time for Circle of life is 6 min the firework show illumiNations is at 9:00.

The second screenshot is scrolled down to the S's. Say I am standing in the park right in front of Soarin' and the wait time posted in 45min. Now the app says 48min, I know that's only slightly off but I can update that to a more accurate wait time.

Here you can see when I tap of the name of the ride I can adjust the wait time to the actual posted time of 45min. I know AMAZING!!!

I tell everyone that I am not type-A about anything in my life, except Disney World. I tell you when I found out just how awesome this app was, my heart sang. If you are planning on touring disney and have an iphone, you would be crazy not to download this.

There is a subscription fee of $10 which is waved if you have purchased the book The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2011  but even if you don't buy the book in my opinion the $10 is worth it (you'll pay just as much for a churro and a can of coke at the Magic Kindom)

 I hope you like my mini-app review. Sorry again about all the screen shots!

*I am getting no reimbursement whatsoever for this fantastic review. I just wanted to share the love!*

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