Friday, January 21, 2011


So I forget if this ever came up in a previous post this week but my cat Alex went into surgery today. He has had history of kidney stones which block in his urethra and prevent him from urinating. If he becomes blocked completely it can become life threatening rather quickly. It happened for the first time about two years ago and back then the Vet said that surgery will probably have to happen at some point to widen his urethra. When we got back from Disney he had another partial blockage, apparently heavy stress can cause him to block. So we have to decide; never go on vacation ever again, or pay for the surgery.

He had the procedure today, all is well and Alex is doing fine. Poor guy has on the cone of shame to protect his sutures. He has to wear it for three whole weeks, poor guy. He'll be ok. He just got another dose of pain medication, right now EVERYTHING is hunky-dory with him!

p.s. tomorrow is my first Model Photo Shoot, more on that tomorrow!

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