Monday, June 3, 2013

Bump it: 26 Weeks & Hypnobabies Week 1

Hey everyone! I'm 26 Weeks along!


Hey all! Everything is still progressing normally with this pregnancy, I feel so blessed! The baby is moving around more and more each day; it's incredible to feel someone else moving around inside me. At first he was only moving at night but it seems like I'm noticing a kick or two during the day as well. I love feeling those kicks; I feel like it's the baby's way of letting me know that everything is going well! "All's good in here Mama!" My belly is getting bigger but no stretch marks yet ::fingers crossed:: I have been slathering my belly every day after my shower with Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter in my vain attempt to prevent stretch marks. So far I have been lucky but I realize that in reality it's a crap shoot and based a lot more on genetics and less on how many pounds of cocoa butter I apply to my body at any given time. My belly button is still an innie (but a really shallow one); I figured that I would certainly have an outie by now, I know by the end of the month it will have popped out :-)

This week I started my self hypnosis at home study coure called Hypnobabies (c) 

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I had never herd of self hypnosis much less hypnosis for pregnancy before I was introduced to this program from another Navy Wife. She told me that a natural childbirth was really important to her and that this program really helped make that a reality for her. I was immediately intrigued and ordered the home study course from Amazon. I figured I would give it a try and at least it would give me some "tools in my toolbox" for my labor. Best case senario it helps a lot and I get a baby; worst case senario it doesn't work at all and I get a baby, either way I don't lose! 

The course is divided into 6 parts with 5 classes lasting one week each and a 6th "Maintenance Class" that I continue until I deliver. I got a huge packet in the mail with lots of paperwork and the workbook and 6 CD packet (shown in the picture). Each week you have to read the lesson and each day listen to the CD "assignments" 

The Tracks for week one are

1. Your Special Safe Place
2. Easy, Comfortable Childbirth

They also recommend that each day you listen to another track; Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations which is a 30 min track filled with positive messages about pregnancy and childbirth. It has really helped me feel much more positive about my pregnant body and my ability to give birth naturally.

So far I read the week one portion of the workbook and listened to each track once. It is actually a nice routine to get into each day because each day for 30 minutes I can check out completely and just focus on myself and be completely relaxed. I think I'm going to enjoy this course

I'll update you as I move through the program

Check out the Hypnobabies website here

Ok, that's enough of my rambling!

Until next time I remain a happy mama to be!

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  1. A friend did hypnobabies and it worked great for her! Natural birth and all! Hope it does the same for you!