Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hypnobabies Week 2

So this week (27 Weeks knocked up) is my second week of my at home study course on hypnosis for childbirth called hypnobabies

The Title of Class 2 is "Having a Great Birth Starts with Staying Healthy and Low Risk"

The workbook reading this week was centered around healthy pregnancy diet and exercise. It reinforced some things and introduced me to some new concepts that I am planning on incorporating into my last trimester (i.e. more protein in my diet). My exercise regimen has been waining over the last several weeks due to my own laziness (If I must be honest) but I have been trying to be diligent about doing my prenatal exercises at least three times a week as well as going for walks as often as possible after dinner with Kyle.

There were also some readings about hypnosis as well as an introduction to the self hypnosis skill used in this program. Each day the program recommends that I listen to a hypnosis track as well as my "joyful pregnancy affirmations" track. 

The hypnosis tracks I listened to this week were

Day 1: Learning Self - Hypnosis
Day 2: Deepening

I have loaded each CD onto iTunes and put them on my phone in individual playlists to make it easy to listen to. They stress that you should NEVER listen to them while driving (or operating heavy machinery haha) and I and understand why. Usually I am so relaxed about 10 minutes in that I can't imagine focusing enough to drive a car. Each track is about 30 min so I have gotten into the habit of making myself comfortable on our spare couch in the early afternoon and take a "time out" for 1/2 hour to listen to my track. For the first day or so I just focused on listening to the suggestions and trying not to take it too seriously. The program emphasizes that it will work for you in the way that is best for you. So even if you're not feeling "hypnotized" your inner mind is still benefiting from the positive messages.

(ya ok....)

All the more reason to just relax and see what happens.....

 Kyle took a pic of one of my sessions this week :-) I just need a kitty sized pair of headphones for Alex!


I haven't really felt any of of "hypno-anesthesia" yet that they talk about but I HAVE noticed that my general attitude surrounding my pregnancy has really improved. I no longer think about my pregnant body as fat or ugly or think about my birthing time as scary nearly as often as I used to. I really believe that those attitudes are due to hypnobabies. I hope that continues!

Next week I'll learn about "creating anesthesia" 

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  1. I think if everyone, even non-pregos, just, in a sense, meditated, they would have a better attitude about their daily lives. I think it is awesome that you are trying the hypno thing. Even if you never get "hypnotized", the relaxation time seems to be working for you. I mean, you are way less grumpy at band practice....KIDDING.