Monday, November 24, 2008

60 Days, and Jobs

There are only 60 days left until I get married. And between that there is Thanksgiving (this week oh my) and Christmas! And I go home to Little Rhody in 8 days!!!! I can't wait for that. I am going home for 6 days and in that time I am meeting with

the florist

the pastor

the organist

the baker

...the candlestick maker...haha just kidding!

But seriously it is going to be a packed couple of days. I still don't have shoes to wear so I want to go shoe shopping during that time as well. There is a huge shoe wearhouse in the boston-metro area around 1.5 hours away from my RI house so I am thinking about going there as well.

I also need to find another suitcase to bring home with me for the bridal shower gifts. YAY my bridal shower is next week!!!!!!!!.

So about my job, it's been going well so far. I have officially been working for Scripps Health for 3 months, and it's been O.K. I am working as a medical surgical nurse, which basically is just a way for me to collect a pay check. Dont get me wrong I like to learn and I like the people I work with, I just never wanted to work with this patient population. I wanted to be in a more critical area of nursing, and I think I want to work with newborns and neonates. So I have decided to stay at my current job for the next year (while kyle is deployed) so with my next job I will have I year of experiance and no longer will be labeled as a "new grad." From then I think I want to go to a Labor and Delivery Floor, or possibly a NICU. Over the last couple of months I have decided that I think

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