Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come Fly with me....

Last night Kyle and I bought our plane tickets to go home for our wedding in January. I am soo excited I can't even stand it. In a little less than three months we will be married!

Only 27 days left until I go home to visit!! I haven't been home since I moved in June. (which is a while considering I have never been away from home for that long) Don't get me wrong, I love living in SD, but I miss RI too, I want to go home and hug my family! and see my old buddies! 27 Days!!!!

I am excited because one of my old friends from High School (and the best man at our wedding) will be in town the same time as me! I was a little concerned about going home so early in December because I know most people will go home over Christmas, only this year I can't take a lot of time off because I am saving all of my vacation time for my wedding. So it will be nice to have someone to hang out with

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