Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day Trip to Julian California

So today kyle and I drove up north to Julian CA for lunch and to check out the town. It was about 1 10min drive up north so we left early in the morning to get there around 9:30 10:00. It was really nice to spend the day together because usually we are working so much that we rarely get to spend the day together. We both wanted to take advantage of this weekend we both had off.

The town itself is really small and quaint. It has like one main road with a general store and a few shops. The town hall is reminisant of a one room school house and the entire town is nesteled in the mountainside, very postcard old New England, made me miss home.

So I guess Julian is famous for its apples, everything is apple themed there. So we made sure to get some apple pie, apple cider, and we bought some apple butter to take home! All in all it was a really nice day, we had lunch, went to a local winery and did some wine tasting, then did a hike on one of their nature preserves near their apple orchards.

Julian Cafe, where we had lunch, and the BEST APPLE PIE EVER!

Caramel Apples we had to stare at while waiting for a table, what a tease....


Where we went on our hike, sound kind of ominious huh?

View of the apple orchards from the top of the hill

Me! (with my eyes closed...oh well)


  1. Thats too funny, Patrick and I are going away next weekend for our six month wedding anniversary to Long Grove IL becuase they have a "New England" village lol

  2. Oh how do you add pics to your posts?