Sunday, February 15, 2009

John Paul Jones

Today Kyle took me to his ship so I could see where he works (and where he is going to be living for the 8 months that he is away from me :-( I have to say it was really cool! It kind of helped to put presidents day in perspective a little bit. Standing on the heli-pad on the back of the ship with the big American flag flying in the wind was really humbling. Kyle showed me everything, he was a really good tour guide! Then we went home and he kicked the crud out of me at Risk. All in all a good day, for him haha!

It was fun to see Kyle get saluted when he came on the ship, my officer and gentlemen!

View from the back of the Ship, the Coronado Bay Bridge is in the background

USS John Paul Jones, tied to the pier.

The Ship's # on the side of the ship. JPJ is DDG-53.

Another shot of the back of the ship

Front of the ship, the big stop sign looking things are the radar discs. Notice the big gun in the front? That their 5-inch gun. The "five inch" part means that the shell (the bullet) is five inches long....damn!

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