Friday, February 13, 2009

Rady Childrens Hospital

This is one of the hospitals that I would LOVE to work at. I drive past it when I am driving north to La Jolla and it was one of the Hospitals I first applied to when I moved to San Diego. They have quite a large NICU and they also have a very prestigious New Graduate Residency, complete with Mentors, classes, rotations throughout the hospital.

Check it out here

I am hoping that I might be eligible for the New Grad Residency even though I am not a "New Grad" anymore. I e-mailed the Nursing Recruiter today, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. good luck! you are "new" enough.. they may bend the rule a little bit

    love ya and mis ya Mrs. Dragone-Fullerton (i bet you havnt see that too much yet hehe)