Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My new desire

Man I really really really really really want an iphone. A bunch of the nurses at work have them. (I am already a big apple user with the ipod and the ibook and the religious usage of itunes). When they first came out and they were $400 + dollars I didn't want one because I KNEW I would drop it and brake it. But now for Christmas they lowered the price to $199 and it's still that cheap. And I have seen people drop it and nothing, not one scratch on it!

Oh why oh why did I have to upgrade my At&t phone in October!!!! Now I have to wait until 2010 or spend $300.00 ARG!

I'm telling you right now that the likely-hood of this being a splurge purchase during kyle's deployment is incredibly high...possibly a birthday present to myself (I can wait until September!)

1 comment:

  1. haha Patrick has one and I have to say some of the apps are wicked awsome there is one that you put up to the radio and it will identify the song title and artist just from hearing it.