Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Windsor Pilates

Look it's Me! Haha yeah right!

So when I was in high school my mom bought these Pilates videos from an infomerical and I did them with her a few times. I actually really liked them a lot and when I saw her commerical late night after work, I decided to fork over the $9.99 and try out her new "circle" workout and try and get back into the "groove" if you will.

I really love the workouts. I am hoping that It will help me loose some belly fat as well as improve my flexibility. My hamstrings are in-humanly tight and I want to turn into Gumby girl!

In order for me to track my progress on the blog every time I do a workout I am going to give myself a gold star!

With some determination I'm sure I can do it!!!

Today I did the 50 min fat blaster workout!!!

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