Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Ready at Mom's house

Once we got back from the hair salon there was a bunch of cold cuts waiting for us. All of the ladies sat at the dinning room table and had sandwiches while I tried to laugh away my nervousness.

Then.......I put my dress on.....

My dress hanging in the window of my room


My mother's happy smile!

Ok, in the dress....

haha..look ma no hands!!!

Lisa (my made of honor) zipping me up!

Dawn holding my shoe....looking gorgeous!

From left to right: Kelly (my new sister in law!), Becca, Dawn, and Kate. They look happy, don't you think?

I love this picture, because it's so NOT me, I am so not the girly girl, just goes to show you that any bride can become that way on her wedding day, GREAT candid shot!

Happy Bride!!!!!

Very Happy Bride!

Getting a smooch from Daddy!

Wonderful Picture of my Father

Mom and Dad (notice my face in the mirror)

Happy Three!

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